"Darren is an excellent teacher who has both a deep knowledge of TCM and also the practical insight of running a busy and successful clinic. Cannot recommend this course enough!"
"Darren's course offered me the personal and flexible teaching environment I was looking for. Darren is a fantastic teacher and practitioner, who I can always reach out to when I have a question. With the Daoist background, I learned more than just the textbook Chinese Medicine theory - I also learned about the spirituality behind it, which has changed my life and definitely benefited my work as a practicing professional. "
"Learning from Darren feels like a natural progression - he is a natural teacher; his manner is open and approachable, and his knowledge and experience run deep. He teaches by example, and through him, I have learned to be calmer and lighter, and to listen to my environment and my own body more closely. I would highly recommend learning from Darren."
"Darren has a great ability to make the content accessible and explain the concepts in a way that you can relate to and then apply in practice. The flexible learning approach also fits well with my other commitments. i would recommend this course to others thinking about exploring acupuncture"
"Darren gives lots of time and attention to everyone, giving comprehensive and helpful explanations. Making learning acupuncture straightforward and flexible. The course is so worth it! "
"Darren is a highly skilled and knowledgeable teacher and practitioner. The course is rich and informative as well as being fun and accessible. Darren is always open to being asked questions and offers ongoing support and advice which is invaluable. Darren runs a successful business which allows him to bring real advice on what works in practice. I'd highly recommend this training."

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