Qi Gong (Nei Gong) & song family Xingyi Quan

Qi Gong (also known as Nei Gong) is an ancient system of exercise to develop and promote health, well-being and longevity. Qigong is the practice of working with the body’s “qi” or vital energy and is essential whether your goal is to use that just for developing your own personal good health, or working with others as a practitioner.  With regular practice, It is considered one of the best ways to experience improvements in energy, stamina, mobility, calmness and presence of mind. 

Students of all ages and abilities are welcome to join our classes.  Qigong is a safe and effective form of exercise for anyone, it can be modified and practiced in a seated position for the elderly or chronically ill.

Classes held weekly:

Regents Park – Thursday Lunchtime 12pm

Finsbury Park – Sunday Morning 9am 

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“Medicine is intention. Those who are proficient at using intention are good doctors.”

Sun Simiao


Meditation is a way to understand and calm the mind, freeing us from being buffeted around like a boat on the ebbs and tides of emotions. We will focus on simple and profound exercises that are found at the root of all the eastern traditions. The same concepts are found in India, Tibet and China traditions. 

Personal cultivation is the often overlooked during Chinese medicine training. But it is the missing link between knowing theory and being able to use the needle with real skill. 

Online classes available

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