song style Xingyi Quan classes in London

Darren teaches regular Song style Xing Yi Quan classes in London (Finsbury Park, Hackney and Marylebone) . There are group training classes as well as one to one options available. Please get in touch if you would like to attend a trial Xingyi quan class in london or book a one to one session. 

Students of all ages and abilities are welcome to join our classes.  

Xing Yi Quan – Finsbury Park – Sunday Morning 9am – 11am

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song style Xingyi Quan History

Song style Xing Yi Quan is steeped in a rich history. Its founders, the Song brothers – Song Shirong and Song Shide – were prodigious from a young age, immersing themselves in ancient Chinese literature and various art forms. Their martial arts journey began at home, learning Shaolin Quan, Yi Jing, and Xi Sui Jing.

Their childhood was marked by frequent travels between Beijing and Shanxi, following their father who ran a clock repair shop named “Yong Shan Xing”. It was in Taigu, where their paths crossed with Mr. Li Luoneng, the owner of a bodyguard agency. Under Li’s mentorship for a decade, the brothers honed their skills, gaining profound knowledge and expertise.

master song guang hua

Song Guanghua, the eldest son of Mr. Song Tielin, grew up steeped in the world of martial arts. Starting with the basics of Long fist, he soon advanced to mastering the ancestral Xingyi Quan, Baguazhang, and Tai Chi, all under the watchful eye of his father. More than just learning the moves, Song Guanghua absorbed the deeper techniques, weapons skills, internal strength, and core principles of Song Xingyi Quan, eventually emerging as a key figure.

His father didn’t just teach him martial arts; he passed on values like kindness, loyalty, bravery, and honesty. Song Guanghua really took these to heart, becoming known for his warm, straightforward, and honorable nature.

master zhao chuan hui

Master Zhao Chuan Hui was immersed in  of Xing Yi Quan training from early childhood, learning from his father, Master Zhao Yong Chang. His father was a prominent disciple of the esteemed Master Song Tielin. Master Zhao Chuan Hui was steeped in the rich traditions and unique techniques of Song style Xing Yi, a style that has been refined and enhanced with special training methods. 

Master Zhao Chuan Hui has not only dedicated his life to mastering these methods but has also been passionate about teaching them. Over the years, he has mentored a significant number of students, many of whom have risen to prominence as professional wushu athletes. His teaching was recently showcased as coach for the China National Traditional Wushu Team. Under his guidance, the team achieved two gold medals at the 9th World Traditional Wushu Championships. This achievement not only highlights his skill as a master of the art but also as an exceptional teacher.

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