Fertility supplements – the best Prenatal for fertility

With our busy lifestyle, getting a good and balanced amount of vital vitamins and minerals simply from the food we eat is not easy. These two nutrients are, however, essential for boosting our conception. They are also required for maintaining a healthy pregnancy. That’s why a good prenatal for fertility is vital.

But not all prenatal or pre conception are equal. I’ll explain why later.

What are the main things to consider when taking Prenatal?



The first thing to consider for a good prenatal for fertility is bioavailability. Is the prenatal for fertility you’re taking easily absorbed and taken up by the body? This applies to all supplements. 

When we take a supplement, the more of it is absorbed and used by the body the better. Unfortunately the very cheap products often tend to have low bioavailability. Therefore we don’t get all the benefit of the dose we take. 

We should choose supplements that are close to food sources or contain easily absorbed versions of vitamins. These supplements ensure that we will get the full benefit from what we take.

Folic Acid or Methylfolate

Current research suggests that up to ⅓ of the population has a genetic mutation called MTHFR which stops them assimilating Folic Acid. Folate in the right source is needed in early stage pregnancy to avoid birth defects. Hence, it’s important to get a good source of absorbable folate.

People who can absorb Folic Acid transform it through a process called methylation into Methylfolate. It is the source of folate that is actually needed by the body. 

This means we should get a prenatal for fertility that contains Methylfolate instead of Folic Acid as it guarantees a good source of this vital nutrient.

What’s the best product for Prenatal for Fertility?

As I said earlier not all brands are equal. Ideally we want a great bioavailable product that has Methylfolate instead of Folic Acid which we can take all the way through our pregnancy. The best product in the market, in my opinion, is Terranova Prenatal. There are some other brands available that have methylfolate. However, they are either too expensive and no difference in quality, or similar price and less bioavailable. I have been recommending this product as the most value for price prenatal for fertility to my clients. It is now also available on my web shop.

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With the right supplements and a balanced, nutritious diet, we can lay down a good foundation for fertility.

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